30 Cool Beach Wallpaper Collection

A beach is known to be the landform adjacent an ocean, sea, river or lake. It generally comprises of loose particles made of rock, which transforms into gravels, pebbles, shingles and sand. These particles are usually biological in origin, for instance coralline algae, mollusk shells, etc. As you go through the beach wallpapers, you will get the up-close view of how majestic these look.

Various beaches have man-made infrastructure like showers, changing rooms or simple lifeguard posts. You might also get numerous hospitality venues around, like camps, hotels, resorts and even restaurants. There are numerous wild beaches which haven’t been developed. These are undiscovered areas which are known as untouched beauty of nature. Thus, beaches are typically the area along a coast where waves deposits sediments.

During the middle of 19th century, beaches started becoming a popular leisure resort for the entire mass of people. The initial seaside resort was inaugurated in the 18th century, only for the aristocrats who started visiting seaside frequently, and then the fashionable spa towns were created for health and recreation.

One of the initial seaside resorts, called Scarborough, was opened in Yorkshire in 1720. It has become a fashionable spa town from the time a stream of acidic water had been discovered. The water ran from one cliff towards the southern areas of the town.

Next was the opening of Brighton resort by King George IV, along with its reception of royal patronage. It had extended the resort for pleasures and health to a greater market in London, and then the beach had become for popular center for the upper class people. This trend had been applauded artistically.

As you go through these beach wallpaper collection below, you will see how majorly these have become popular over the centuries. Beaches are now a common tourist’s destination all over the world, and people like to fly off to places only to be by the waters. Choose your favorite beach wallpaper and utilize them to keep beautiful backgrounds.



Landscape Shell

Beach Sunset Landscape Shells Wallpaper 2016

Awesome beach

Awesome beach wallpaper and photography

Beach sunset

beach sunset beach wallpaper 2015

Beach Hut

beach hut awesome beach wallpaper 2015

Breath taking sunset

Beach breath taking Sunset beach Wallpapers


Awesome Caribbean Wood Beach picture

Beach Sunset

Beach Sunset Wallpaper 2016

Beach Swing

beach swing awesome HD wallpaper 2015

Beautiful Beach

beautiful beach wallpapers 2016

Blue bottle

beach computer wallpaper


Multi-color Beach

beautiful multicolor hd beach computer wallpaper

Evening at beach

beach computer wallpaper

beach computer wallpaper

Beach night

beach computer wallpaper



beach computer wallpaper


Blue Sea

Blue sea beach sand wallpaper


fabolous Pink Beach Sunset Wallpaper


beach computer wallpaper

Fiji night

beach computer wallpaper



beach computer wallpaper



beach computer wallpaper

Sea beach

beach computer wallpaper


beach computer wallpaper


beach computer wallpaper


night fantasy at beach beach wallpapers 2015


Caribbean beach

beach computer wallpaper


Star fish

star fish sea beach sand wallpaper



sunset beach computer wallpaper



Swedish beach computer wallpaper


Tropical beach scenery at night Wallpapers


Evening at beach

evening at beach side computer wallpaper

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