30+ Printable Kids Coloring Pages For Summer Vacations

The coloring is one of the very good hobbies children should be acquainted with. Almost all schools take the initiative to have drawing classes where children are familiarized with colors. The coloring is the basics of art, from which every child needs to start. It is one of the stepping stones towards liking colors and painting, and this interest could take their love for art to higher levels. Below are some printable kids coloring pages.

Kids coloring pages are graphical images which have been designed for them. These are pictorial designs which have black borders to mark the shape and look. The white spaces in the middle are supposed to be colored by the users. These pages are printable, so by scrolling the pages, you would get the best of options to choose from.


The coloring is important for all children. It is a step which every parent or teacher must take, to help the children know more of it. The children get to differentiate between colors, they get to know their names and recognize them too. It helps them improve their focus and concentration because as they keep coloring, they need to master the trick of coloring within the borders. It helps them widen their thinking and creativity seeps in from all sides. They start having sharper brains and clearer visions. They slowly start painting on their own and make their imaginations come to life. But then again, everything starts with the initial step, and the initial step is simply by coloring.

Kids coloring pages have been specially designed for the kids. These would suit their preference and skills. These are mostly objects they need to know and the things they are fond of. It includes cartoon characters which they usually get to see on TV, it has dolls and cars which they play, it also has some objects which they see around to help them get to know the surrounding better. When kids get to choose the pages they want to paint, it makes them more interested in indulging into the activity. If you let your child choose his/her pick, they would like the painting session more.

Kids coloring pages includes easy designs which your kids would be less stressed and more happy with. These have bigger spaces which also make them easy to color with pastels or crayons. It is important to note that kids wouldn’t be able to start off with brushes and water paints. They need enough time and skill to get to that level, so sticking to crayons and oil pastels are more advisable.

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