30 Sad Mothers Day Poems And Quotes 2023

Mothers Day Poems And Quotes 2023

1. True Angel:

A mother is special, she’s more than a friend.
Whenever you need her, she’ll give you a hand.
She’ll lead you and guide you in all that you do.
Try all that she can just to see you get through.
Good times and bad times, she’s there for it all.
Say head up, be proud, and always stand tall.
She’ll love you through quarrels and even big fights,
or heart to heart chats on cold lonely nights.
My mother’s the greatest that I’ve ever known,
I think God made my mother like He’d make his own.
A praiser, a helper, an encourager too,
nothing in this world that she wouldn’t do.
To help us succeed she does all that she can,
raised a young boy now into a man.
I want to say thank you for all that you do,
please always know mom, that I love you.

Poet: George W. Zellars

Funchap Mothers Day Mark Krukonis

2. Mommy:

You brushed my hair and tucked me in,
Made me laugh for hours on end.
You kissed my boo-boos when I fooled around.
Mommy, you never let me down.

You held my hand as I got my shots
Then took me for ice cream that hit the spot.
You bought me Polly-Pockets and Barbies too.
Mommy, there’s no one quite like you

You held my hand as I walked through the door,
Then you met my teacher as I stared at the floor.
You told me it’d be fun, and I’d make friends too,
And for that reason, Mommy, I love you.

You listened to me talk about the drama and boys
Then taught me how to handle it with class and poise.
You spoke with wisdom and of things you know.
You love to hear me say, “Mommy, you told me so.”

Poet: Madisyn B

Funchap Mothers Madisyn B

3. To My Mummy:

From the moment we met,
And you held me so tight,
I knew I was safe,
As you kissed me good night.

I woke up so often,
And stumbled with feeds,
You never gave up on me,
Met all my needs.

Now that I’m almost,
A 3 month old boy,
I want you to know that,
You’re my greatest joy.

They say that we look alike,
Same eyes and nose,
Better than looking,
Like Dad I suppose.

I love when we cuddle,
I love when we play,
I love that you sing to me,
Every day.

Whenever I cry or,
I poop or I pee,
Thank you for taking,
Such good care of me.

Thank you for loving me,
No matter what,
Everything you do,
To me means a lot.

Next time you hear me say,
“Ga ga goo goo”
What I’m really saying is,
“Mummy, I love you”

Poet: Nick


4. My Mother, My Hero

She wakes before me, sleeps after me.
She gets me ready fast and steady.

Sometimes I wonder if she is a robot.
Needs no pay, just our smiles,
Never takes rest, no matter cold or hot.
Never gets tired though she has a pile to do.
If there is a super hero, it’s my mother.

I’m blessed to be blessed by her.
She scolds me and hugs me,
Makes me cry and makes me laugh.
Her touch is softer than fur.
She cares for everyone: me, my brother, and father.
If there is a super hero, it’s my mother.

Mothers can die for their children,
But my mother loves me more than just that.
She is like the sweetest dove,
Sitting on a tree of love.
I am blessed that she is my mother.
If there is a super hero, it’s my mother.

I know we can’t always be together,
But no one can hold us apart.
She is my life,
She is my heart,
She is my mother,
She is my super hero.

Poet: Herman Vymislicky

Funchap Mothers Herman Vymislicky

5. Best Mother:

You brought me my first toy,
My first bike and baseball glove.
You filled my heart with joy,
And you filled my life with love.
You taught me how to count,
And how to say my ABC’s,
How to say “You’re Welcome,”
“Thank You,” and “Pretty Please.”

You taught me “Our Father,”
And “Hail Mary, Full of Grace,”
And how to greet a neighbor,
With a smile and embrace.
You taught me that all things,
Come from Jesus up above.
But most of all, sweet Mother,
You taught me how to love.

You taught me that all leprechauns,
Possessed a pot of gold.
And that they had these unicorns,
Back in the days of old.
You taught me that a fantasy,
Could end up with a scream.
You taught me not to give up,
Not to give up on a dream.

You taught me words of wisdom,
And tended to my every need.
You gave me all the tools,
That a man needs to succeed.
You filled my world with laughter,
And you brightened up my world.
And these are the reasons why,

Poet: Erlah Burdic

Erlah Burdic

6. Thanks Mom:

Every child wishes for that just perfect mom,
the kind who does everything right and never anything wrong.

She must say the right things and be perfectly dressed,
keep a clean house and be happy, never ever depressed.

It’s her job to make sure her family feels blessed,
each member made happy with egos caressed.

This all sounds very nice, what a lovely world it would be,
if every mother was perfect, meeting every child’s need.

But moms are just human and make mistakes on the way,
lives filled with trials like ours, to deal with every day.

How can we ask them to be more than they’re able,
when not a single one can wear that perfect mom label.

Try to look at your mom from a new point of view,
as you grow older and wiser, you’ll see her anew.

Each mother is different, with good points and bad,
praise the fine things, talk about what makes you unhappy or sad.

If you pray for your mom, ask God to make your heart glad,
for good memories she’s given, the good times that you’ve had.

Every mother is special, precious and select,
for this very reason, give her honor and respect.

Love her like you did when you were so tender and small,
because she certainly hasn’t stopped loving you through it all.

So, God bless our dear moms, the ones we came through,
and we should forever be saying, “Mom, I thank you!”

Poet: Erlah Burdic

Erlah Burdic

7. I Love You Mum:

They way I feel I can’t explain
The gratitude inside
For all the days and all the nights
You spent right by my side

For every hug and every kiss
To send me on my way,
For always putting me to bed,
To prepare me for another day

For loving me through the hurt
And pain that’s come my way
For holding on to me so tight
That I can barely breathe

For never letting go
Of the hope you hold for my life
For keeping it so close to you heart
All this time

For yelling at me when I’m out of place
For telling me the truth
For forgiving me for what I say
Cause I no it hurts

So now I say what I feel
At this time and day
That mum I LOVE YOU all the time
So happy mothers day

Poet: Jessica Ashton

Funchap-Mothers- Jessica Ashton

8. Mother’s Day:

Mom I know we’ve been through a lot
But to this day I have not forgot
All the things you have done for me
Opening my eyes and letting me see
All the rights and wrongs in life
And help me battle my everyday strife
To know your love is a great feeling
Thinking of it helps me with dealing
And on this special day
I will always say
That I love you in each and every way
You are the perfect mother for me
And no matter what I want to be
I know you will always be there
To show me that you care
I hope this touches a special place in your heart
Because no matter what I shall never part
I Love You Mom in so many ways
And today is for you mom, your special day.

Poet: Kody Welch

Funchap Mothers Kody Welch

9. Tears For My Mother:

I was asked to write a poem
About Mother’s Day
But when I sat down to write
I had nothing to say

I could see that the task at hand
Was going to be very hard for me
Because of your feelings
I didn’t want to hurt them you see

But all I can do
Is write what’s in my heart
And where you’re concerned
I feel confused and torn apart

I deal with the issues
Of our relationship each day
I question if you liked me, loved me
And wanted me in any way

I’ve wanted to talk to you
About my issues for a long time now
But with the hurt, anger, and pain
I didn’t know how

All I know is that all the good times
Are blocked from my mind
And all I can seem to remember
Is you leaving us behind

Poet: Roxanna L. Watts

Funchap Mothers Roxanna L. Watts

10. Thank You Mom:

If I took a little minute to write a poem for you
It would turn into a lifetime for all the things you do….
So I’ll try and keep it simple
There’s some things I wish to say
And what better day to say them on
Today on mothers day..

Things haven’t been easy for you
We know you’ve had it tough
With one thing or another
God knows enough’s enough

At times you’re so frustrated
And you’re feeling rather low
But you’re cherished by your family
More than you will ever know

We know you want your life back
And how things used to be
But things will soon get better mum
Just you wait and see

In all my life you guided me
And showed me right from wrong
Your are my inspiration mum
You’re the music in my song

You were there for me when times were hard
You’re always close at hand
You guided me to happiness
You’re the best mum in the land

I never could repay you
You’re worth your weight in gold
If ever I would need you mum
Your hand is there to hold

Your advice is always listened to
But you always have to say
“It’s your decision” sweetheart
You’ll make it come what may

So thank you mum for making me
The person I’ve become
And through you’re loving guidance
I’m a clone of you “my mum”

Poet: Kim Horner

Funchap-Mothers- Kim Horner

11. Mom:

Mom, you are the centerpiece of my life.
The light in my sun.
I can’t thank you enough for all you have done.
You make me smile when I am sad.
You are the best mother a child could ever have.
You console me deeply when something’s wrong.
You know when something’s happened or something’s going on.
I appreciate the love you bring in.
You cheer me up when I lose.
You make me laugh when I win.
You turn my moon into a sun.
You’ve done too much though my life has just begun.
You give me a shelter and food to eat.
You are the soles in my shoes
The bones in my feet.
You support me and hold me tall.
You stand me high and don’t let me fall.
You make my life easier in every way.
That’s why I want to say Happy Mother’s Day!

Poet: Victoria A. Ledet

Funchap Mothers Victoria A. Ledet

12. Dear Mother:

I’m writing you to tell you that I love you
Something I hardly ever do.
I never tell you enough how much I love you
and it’s something I must do.
I need to let you know mother how much
You really mean to me so I’m telling you now
you mean the world to me.
I need to thank you for all you do for me.
Your unconditional love toward me means a
lot to me.
You’ve never turned your back
on me and I know it’s something you’ll
never do.
Anytime I need someone to talk to
You’re always there to help me through
And anytime I need a favor you always seem
To be there, too.
There’s nothing in this
world that I could do to pay you back for
all you do.
When god gave me to you,
That’s the best thing he could ever do,
So this poem is dedicated to you
Because I
don’t know how else to say Thank You.

Poet: Herman Vymislicky

Funchap Mothers Herman Vymislickyi

13. You’re A Gift:

Mom, there are no words
that can possibly express
how much you mean to me
and how much trust I feel for you.
you’ve given up so much for me,
more than I deserve.
no matter how bad it gets
I can always count on your smile.
when you laugh,
your eyes light up
much like the stars
in the night sky.
you’re my shoulder to cry on,
my leg to lean on,
that rope that holds me together
so I don’t break.
I hope you know I love you,
with every bit of my heart.
you’re not only a mother to me,
you’re a friend, a companion but most importantly..you’re a gift

Poet: Kristi Gurney

Funchap-Mothers- Kristi Gurney

14. When I Was A Small Child:

When I was a small child.
you held my hand and smiled.
When I got hurt I would cry.
you would giggle and dry my eye.
life has difficult decisions and you were my guide.
you taught me how to decide.
you told me that the bad should be denied.
and that family should never be put aside.

when I was a small child.
I was a little wild.
as I grew I’ve done a few wrong things and it’s true.
there’s a lot of things I’ve wanted to tell you.
and when we have problems we always make it through.
but one thing that I want you to know is that

Poet: Joao De Leon

Funchap-Mothers- Joao De LeonFunchap-Mothers- Joao De Leon

15. I Love To See You Coming:

You amaze me
Everything about you, is just, well perfect
Your form, your mind, your soul
All of it pure perfection
You love so real
Your heart big as the ocean
Your loyalty never heard of or spoken
You comfort in a unique manner
You’re pure Momma, not a token
I love you so much
I love to hear your laughter
I love to see you coming.

Poet: Shanise Baldwin

Funchap-Mothers- Shanise Baldwin

16. Thank You Mother:

Thank you for being there for me
You are the air that I breathe
You had many chances to leave
You stuck by me during the hard times
I’m so happy that you are mine
Because of you my life is fine
You was there for me during the snow and rain
You even stayed during the pain
You’re the best person that I know
I love it when your love shows
You were there when we were rich
You even stuck by me when we fell in a ditch
You was there when I had a frown
You turned it upside down
You gave me money when I was poor
Even though I ask for more
Even though the many times I lied
You made me happy when I cried
You gave me a roof over my head
Those many times you tucked me in bed
Because of you I’m not dead
Because of you I’m not on the streets
You kept me cool during the heat
You gave me shoes for my feet
You gave me everything I got
And you know that that’s a lot
Even though all the times I did wrong
You stuck by me all this long
I’m happy today
Because this special day
Is in the month of May
Happy Mother’s day

Poet: Anjelica N. HendricksFunchap-Mothers- Shanise BaldwinMother:

Mother of all,
Loved with all her being,
Loved by all,
The living,
Your soul is with me,
Yet I feel alone,
I was blessed,
When you were here,
But I need your guidance now,
I feel lost without you,

I feel like my heart is gone,
Help me in my time of need,
You have been missed,
But I feel as though I have forgotten you,
I don’t want that,

I know mother’s day,
Was the most important time of year,
For you and me,
I miss you,
And the fun times we had,
The memories,
Are not only great but hurt as well,
Reminding me every day how much I miss you,

Mary Frances Ross,
Mother of all mother’s,
Wife of all time,
Friend and great women,
I will never forget you,
Happy Mother’s Day,
May your soul rest in peace,
Please keep remaining in my heart,
And watching over me,
Thanks for everything,
I love you and miss you with all my heart.

Poet: Louis A. White-Ross-Deliz

Funchap-Mothers- Louis A. White-Ross-Deliz

18. 5 Words:

LOVE: comes in many ways, but the love a mother has for their child is amazing.

DEDICATION: It is really cool the way a mom is so dedicated to their child at all times.

RESPECT: goes to a mom who does everything for their child no matter how lame.

HONOR: is what I do for my mom. I honor her and cherish her love.

INDESCRIBABLE: a word that stands alone because there exists no such word to describe how much I love my mom and how much she means to me.

Poet: Karina V

Karina V

19. To Mommy Thank You! Love:

Before I was born
you kept me in love.
I came to this world
I thank God above.

I’m healthy and growing
on you I demand.
I’ll roll over then crawl
and eventually stand.

If I could tell you
what’s deep in my heart.
There are so many things
where do I start?

First, to thank you
for being my mommy.
You called me “Baby J”
way back in your tummy.

When I could see
and finally focus like new.
The first face I saw
was beautiful….You.

A bunch of my favorites
for you now I will list.
It starts with “Good Morning”
It ends with a kiss.

With all of our moments
together we share
From meals to tubtime
at night, upstairs, alone in our chair.

I thank you for story time
goodnight moon is the best.
And then you let me drift off
fast asleep on your chest.

When morning arrives
I’m eager to wake.
I let you know that it’s time
by noises I make.

When mommy comes in
to start our day
I’ll flash her a smile
in my own cute way.

From here we play
we sing and we dance
She gives kisses and hugs
if I give her a chance.

Thank you Mommy
Merry Christmas today
To mommy with Love
signed little baby J.

Poet: Mark Krukonis

Funchap-Mothers- Mark Krukonis

20. Out Comes Love:

To the strongest woman I will ever know.
At first you may seem to be a volano ready to explode,
And as you do, out comes love.
You don’t have to explain; mom understands.
You’ll fix our mistakes with only one hand.
Your fingers have strength to wipe the tears.
Your palms have strength to balance me here.
Your bruises and your beauty are in clear view.
An in-depth reflection of the fighting you do.
Not once did I have to go against a demon,
And when they disappeared, it was because you already beat them.
To the strongest woman I will ever know,
At first you may seem to be a volcano ready to explode,
And as you do out comes love.

Poet: Mareesa K. Waltemeyer

Funchap Mothers Day Mareesa K. Waltemeyer

Mothers Day Quotes:

21. Manechem Began:

Peace is the beauty of life. It is sunshine. It is the smile of a child, the love of a mother, the joy of a father, the togetherness of a family. It is the advancement of man, the victory of a just cause, the triumph of truth.

22. Honor De Bolzoc:

The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.

23. Mark Twain:

My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.

24. Antonia Villaraigose:

I got to grow up with a mother who taught me to believe in me.

25. Jessica Lange:

The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.

26. Steven Cojocaro:

I’m immensely grateful for the precious gift my mother has given me. She is my hero today and every day.

27. Frank Liyod wright:

The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.

28. Erma Bombic:

It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding.

29. Thich Nehat Hench:

You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer.

30.Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

My mother told me two things constantly. One was to be a lady and the other was to be independent, and the law was something most unusual for those times because for most girls growing up in the ’40s, the most important degree was not your B.A. but your M.R.S.

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